How to spot a good lawyer

There are a lot of law firms and Toronto employment lawyers to choose from butevery lawyer you meet will sound and look like a good lawyer but how do you really know if that lawyer is really good?

In this article, De Bousquet Employment Lawyer shares some honest and realistic facts about the characteristics of a good lawyer that will definitely increase your chance of winning any kind of dispute. You may not like what you read but it is merely the truth.

  • He/she must be good at interrogating

Of course, we all know this is a must. Before, choosing the right employment lawyer Toronto you must do your research about his past clients and cases. See, if he’s really good at it or even make him do a mock up interrogation regarding your case. In that way, you will be able to know his capabilities and will make you confident about him/her.

  • He/she must be good at lying

Yes, you’ve read that right and no, I didn’t mean lying about everything. Sometimes, lawyers need to lie about small things regarding your case to make you more believable and to higher your chance of winning and when I say “good at lying” what I mean is “really good at lying” because if he’s not, then it will only lead to more trouble and you will end up losing the case. You have to be very careful with this one because one wrong move may end up bad. Lying doesn’t necessarily mean changing big parts of the story but making small tweaks to make you more convincing. There are a lot of employment lawyers Toronto that you can choose of.

  • He/she must be respectful

You might miss this one here because it will seem like it is not really noticed but having a disrespectful lawyer not just to you but also to the opposing client will only make things hard and miserable for you. Be careful to choose a lawyer that is very respectful and professional. To prove my point for the above stated characteristics, it does not necessarily mean that if a lawyer lies, he is not respectful. You just have to read between the lines and know your lawyer very well before really choosing him/her. It will never be too late to back out and choose another one since there are a lot of Toronto employment lawyers out there.

  • He/she must be good at processing papers
  • Now, this one here might be tricky because we often base our judgement of choosing the right lawyers by their characteristics but what about their skills? Well, a good lawyer must be good at making and processing such important documents. They must know the procedures very well and must act fast. In that way, things will go smoothly as they should be.
  • He/she must be open-minded

A good lawyer must be open-minded. He/she must know how to value your opinions and suggestions. He/she must also be open to the opposing side. In that way, you will know that the lawyer really understands his client and doesn’t take the matters just by himself but will do everything together with his/her client which increases the chance of winning any dispute.